Trumpf Laser L2530

Dedicated to cutting steel jobs due to its high power

Power: 4 kW

Cutting area: 2550 x 1250mm

Cutting beam width: 0.4mm

Max thicknesses: 20mm Mild Steel, 16mm Stainless, 12mm Aluminium



SEI Mercury Laser

Dedicated to cutting plastics and timber jobs

Power: 600 W

Cutting Area: 3000 x 2000mm

Cutting beam width: 0.4mm

Max thicknesses: 30mm acrylic, 32mm MDF




Installed in early 2019 , the Techni waterjet can cut almost any material 

with water pressure and a garnet abrasive powder (when needed)

Power: 50000 psi

Cutting Area: 3000 x 1500mm

Cutting beam width: 0.8 - 1.0 mm

Max thicknesses: 150mm thick steel has been cut, along with granite, sandstone, glass, rubber, brass, copper and the list goes on.



CNC Router

Our Multicam router can cut a 

variety of materials that are unsuitable for laser cutting

including Foamex, Polystyrene Foam and ACM panel. It can also be used

to do recesses and V-groove panels, and produce a smooth edge on 

brass and aluminium using its coolant misting head.

Cutting Area: 3600 x 1800mm

Cutting path width is the diameter of tool being used.

Max thicknesses: 50mm polystyrene foam




Laser Engraver

Used for surface marking a range of materials incl. timber, metallex,

glass, mirror and black surface marking stainless steel.

Power: 60 W

Cutting Area: 960 x 610mm

Cutting beam width: 0.2mm